TAWA Architecture

TAWA architecture is made up of a team of designers who are passionate about design and creating buildings which are a true reflection of their owners' vision and style, the unique climate of the site, landscape and surrounding environment.

We are experts in the field of eco-architecture and are qualified Passive House designers dedicated to creating high-performace and Certified Passive Homes. We have worked alongside many clients throughout the North Island to design and build their dream homes, batches, holiday homes. We create quality architecture, with building performance at the forefront of our process, we think of our built projects as a blend of these attributes, this formed our saying of performance +. As it is easier to have one without the other.

We believe that every client has a story to tell and together with our expertise, we strive to create something truly special for you and your family.

Contact us today to find out more - we would love to hear about your project!